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Docker is an open source  project that automates the development and deployment of applications  inside software containers, by providing an additional layer of abstraction and automation of operating system level virtualization on Linux. Docker extract its component to accelerate the innovation across the ecosystem and donated it to open foundation. Docker is both a daemon  and a client …

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KIOSK a machine which is used to print the receipts, tickets etc. Kiosk is the ideal software solution to securely present web-based content like HTML, Flash, videos, etc.  and applications on public access terminals. One can use Site Kiosk to individually restrict access to the operating system, system settings, websites, files, folders, and applications Kiosk & Internet terminals. …

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Phalcon:: The Extremely Fast Framework

 “Phalcon” a high-performance PHP Web framework. It is written as a C extension. Phalcon is probably one’s go to framework, if the application has to be in PHP and be as performant as possible. Since , it is very fast, but cannot run on shared hosting. As compiled as a C extension into PHP which makes it faster by …

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#Gulp #Grunt #NPM #Broccoli #CSS #TaskRunnerDevelopment GULP  is a task/build runner for development. It allows one to do a lot of stuff within the development workflow.One can compile sass files, compress js files and much more. One task flow into another. These help in saving the time, making your development workflow more organized. There are many tools …

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CucumberJS ( Tool on Behaviour Driven Development )

Cucumber a tool based on Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) framework which is used to write acceptance tests for web application. Behaviour Driven Development is extension of Test Driven Development and it is used to test the system rather than testing the particular piece of code. It allows automation of functional validation in easily readable and …

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