October 2016

Conversions & Bounce Rates :: E-Commerce Business

Reducing BOUNCE RATES should be a priority for any ecommerce business, so getting a professional web designer to help you address this issue may be a good idea if you are aiming to increase conversions.  For the uninitiated, the bounce rate is the statistic which indicates the percentage of visitors who arrive on a site and …

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Things Which Can Go Wrong With Web Design

Images have never been more important in the context of WEB DESIGN, since visitors now expect media-rich experiences which are easy to view on desktop displays together with high resolution mobile and tablet screens. Web design is by no means an exact science. But there are definitely some design decisions which will hurt a site …

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Blogging:: To Share, Connect, Create & Inspire

 BLOGGING an ultimate and effective way of upgrading  your company’s reputation and can play a magical role to boost in any terms. In the past few years the culture of  blogging has really flamed up but it’s not just for individuals, it can actually be a really important part of your marketing strategy. Even small businesses …

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Fine Content :: A Key To Success

Great CONTENT is a key element in attracting the attentions of the search engines. So before you start tapping away at your keyboard it’s time to undertake a little research.This sort of behaviour doesn’t go unnoticed by the search engines who will downgrade your site accordingly and make you less visible to your target audience in …

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Branding :: The Start Of An Enduring Impression

BRANDING  is the way your customer perceives you. Long- lasting impressions about any business are often created through your branding, so it is necessary to ensure that your image and reputation come across in a positive light. Here are some points that most of the business lacking in and letting their business growth down. If your …

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Practices to put your mobile app in the mainstream

Just making a great app isn’t enough these days because the market is oversaturated with hundreds of thousands of other apps. There is a lot of competition for attention, especially when you consider that at least a few of those MOBILE APPs will be having  the same things that you are. Few things that will make sure …

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Node.js framework has emerged as an excellent tool for developing real-time web apps, as it curtails the complexity associated with the application development and allows to speed up the software development process. It is a highly preferred server-side framework for web application development. Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment. Apart from providing you the added advantage of …

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Video Marketing

With the rise of mobile technology and smartphones people are now turning towards digital content, and more specifically video rather than traditional media, to gather information, brand awareness and entertainment and content. Due to the popularity of videos and a change in consumer habits, brands are now focusing on them for advertisement of their company …

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