Things Which Can Go Wrong With Web Design

Images have never been more important in the context of WEB DESIGN, since visitors now expect media-rich experiences which are easy to view on desktop displays together with high resolution mobile and tablet screens. Web design is by no means an exact science. But there are definitely some design decisions which will hurt a site no matter what the size or reputation of the business that it represents.  But the mistakes that can be made in web design and which can cause real problems for your business?  Plenty of sites are built using an existing third party theme and this can be a great way to quickly set up an online presence that looks good and functions smoothly

To avoid the bland, generic look which is echoed by thousands of other sites, when you use a theme it is important to think of it as merely the starting point. From there you can make adjustments, add your own twists and enhance it with new features, ranging from aesthetic updates to interface overhauls. And if the site has pictures that do not stand up to scrutiny, or fail to match the brand image you are trying to develop, the impact will be compromised. Buying quality stock images, or better still getting a professional photographer or designer to create some unique pictures for your site. Also remember to be consistent across the site to avoid disconcerting  positions. Page load speed can be improved by adjusting the design of a site, eliminating extraneous plug-ins and optimising embedded content. But you may also need to re-think your hosting strategy and check that your site is located on an infrastructure that can serve your target audience well, regardless of location.


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