Facts about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

There is no denying in the fact that the modern world is predominantly going under high tech gadgets and the internet. Global reach has increased with the help of internet. For a person to succeed in the long run, adoption of IT-based processes in his business is crucial. Smart tech evolves to such an extent that everything from your house appliances, electricals to your factory machinery that a smartphone can control easily. This has gradually increased the demand for skilled custom software development solutions providers to a great extent.

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In all this continuously updating technology, Bitcoin is the latest buzz among financial space. The world has been taken over by storm with this bitcoin. And this is currently seen as one of the most lucrative investment alternates, even for a layman. Bitcoin is the brainchild of what is known to be a significantly broader aspect, i.e. Blockchain technology. People hire blockchain developers primarily for investing in cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin – basics

Bitcoin is a global digital currency and can use it for trade online. To purchase regular stuff including food, beverages, car, fuel etc one can use the bitcoin. You cannot directly convert the bitcoin into local currency. It stays in its digital form. To liquidate it into conventional currency the only way is to buy stuff from bitcoins and sell it further for local currency.

Bitcoin as a currency

Bitcoin as a means of digital currency might take over conventional means such as e-wallets and online banking transactions in near future. We pay a sort of convenience fee to banks and service providers for transferring funds to another person’s bank/wallet which is not in the case of bitcoin since the individual can manage the bitcoin and payment in bitcoins need no third party mediation. Furthermore, people hire cryptocurrency developers for its highly secure system.

Owing to this, bitcoin facilitated transactions tend to be less costly than conventional online bank transactions. One has to pay for the convenience fee to the bank if he wants to make transfers from his bank account to another person’s bank account (especially overseas) which is not so in the case of bitcoin payment.

Bitcoin as an investment

Secondly, Bitcoin is also a great investment platform. People hire a skilled web development company to ‘mine’ cryptocurrencies. Where conventional currencies are devaluating overtime, Bitcoin worth in local currency is highly volatile and currently experiencing major appreciations. However, there still lies a risk in putting your money in Bitcoin.

A lot of countries see Bitcoin as a threat to economic stability and taking on strict actions against this. Where some have made regulations against its use, many countries have exclusively derecognized it as a form of currency and deemed illegal.

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