Comparison of Laravel and Yii – Best PHP Frameworks

In this world of smart technology, sustaining without adequate tech awareness is almost impossible. Whether personal or professional, smartphones and applications have made life a lot more convenient than one would have ever thought of. You need an application to organize your day to day jobs. Especially when you are thriving to be among one of the most prosperous businesses, mobile applications is the only easy way to interact with people. Here is when a web development company comes into question. Among many PHP is widely preferred by most of the custom software solution providers when it comes to application development framework due to its agility and easy to use nature. Laravel and Yii are among the most popular frameworks of PHP. Depending on the needs of the developers, Yii or Laravel creates dynamic pages.

Hire Laravel and Yii Developers

Yii originally designed to overcome inefficiencies in handling complex pages and stagnant productivity. It is dynamic and provides model view controller design platform, easy error handling and logging, XHTML compliant code and what not. On the other hand, Laravel is popular for its ease of usage and feature packed performance. It is imitated as the framework for web builders due to its elegant syntax. Another good reason to hire laravel developers is its efficient and effective unit testing facility.

Choosing among the two is definitely a difficult task. Some of the aspects on the basis of which one can decide to choose between Laravel and Yii are:

Support and acceptability

When it comes to peer support, people often prefer a product that is older and much more in use in the market. New things take time to adapt. Yii is the older one has a wider community support. This is why most people hire Yii developers.

Migration to other frameworks

Although both the frameworks have phenomenal migration features, Laravel gains an edge for it allows simplified primary data transfer.

Extension support

Laravel is more modern as compared to Yii. Being newer, extension support in Laravel is higher Yii by almost three folds. This has helped in giving coders higher functionality.

The custom software development solutions provide tailor-made applications for smartphones and web access. A team of professional and creative developers strives to build the best websites and application to provide their client with adequate functionality that they desire. All this is possible when professionals combine their skill with state of the art development platforms.

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