August 2016

Cost Effective SEO Strategy

SEO is still the most cost-efficient way to drive more traffic to your website. We at Onclick offering our clients an affordable SEO strategy based on current best practices. SEO is not a one-time fix – it requires an ongoing effort to maximize your search traffic. We measure our success using online visitor statistics and provide regular reviews to see if we are reaching …

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Influence Of Website Design On Business

WEBSITE DESIGN is an incredibly important representation of any  business. Website is almost always the first place someone will go to introduce and familiarize themselves with any business and its products or services. The website’s visual presentation, content and user experience are the three main ways through which your prospects will form a first impression of your …

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Impact on mobile users

Google suggest a few small things that will have a big impact for your mobile website users. These are obvious but often overlooked tips.  Make your whole site optimized for mobile. The industry term is “responsive” and virtually all new websites should be responsive. In very rare situations should a seperate mobile only site exist. Don’t …

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Drupal Commerce Vs. Magento

E-commerce has steadily grown over the years since then and is now a booming business, showing no signs of ever slowing down. It is important to identify your business needs and priorities prior to reaching a conclusion on which e-Commerce platform to go with, Drupal Commerce Vs Magento. Overall, Drupal Commerce fits well with small …

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Hybrid Cloud [ Private-Public ]

Hybrid  Clouds:: Now we are inundated with talk of hybrid clouds which combine private and public clouds into one unified system.  Hybrid cloud infrastructure is complex. Private clouds are based on virtualization, and to properly monitor you need tools that support virtual technologies such as VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Xen and KVM  HYBRID  CLOUD was born. …

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Drupal: For Innovative Website Designs

Drupal’s powerful customization tools make it a great content management system that can be set up to cover any website you have in mind, from blogs to community based and corporate websites. DRUPAL  is a free open source CMS maintained by a large community of developers and users– as such, websites built on Drupal will not face the issues …

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GROOVY is a flexible programming language with functional programming aspects built on top of the JVM and fully compatible with Java. It provides ease of use with powerful tools and libraries for web and application developers including convention over configure  frameworks and Android development tools. Groovy has been adopted by Netflix, Amazon, Google and is …

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