CodeIgniter :: The Leading Security Assessment Framework

CodeIgniter  taking the lead for so many good reasons in creating websites.  CI has definitely gained a lot of acceptance and recognition. It is because of the several latest features which cannot be easily found  in other frameworks and this is the reason it is high in demand. One of the highlighting features of CodeIgniter is the inbuilt security tools. There are other security features too like cookie encryption etc which can also be enabled for enhanced protection. There are a lot of active users associated with the CI community which indicate  that if you have any query or issue while programming you can easily get it justify. The active users can assist  in the website creation process hence making it a seamless experience, especially for the beginners. CodeIgniter does not require the installation thus abating the problems. Files can be easily uploaded to the directory. In case any changes are needed, the same can be done in an easy manner thus preventing several issues. But CI definitely ace in this area as getting used to it is quite simple. Anyone can easily learn about the new libraries, how to use them and integrate  as per the requirement.A little effort will modify the framework smartly and get the best out of it. While writing the code, there are high chances that you will come across errors and it is important to handle them effectively. So CI gives the advantage to manage the bugs in a hassle free manner. CI helps with cache library that can be integrated in a superb way to meet different needs. So it can be said that cache class is a necessary element. Both the developers as well as the clients can benefit if they opt for CI as their framework for developing the websites. It is not only a secure framework but the ease of use, MVC architecture etc are some of the added features which distinguish it from other options. That is why it has become the first choice of the developers with the future prospects being really vibrant. CodeIgniter framework is integrated with several new and advanced features that include easy learning, simple integration features, high-end security tools and many more that the developers will surely admire. Things have become effortless on the part of the developers and offering better attributes to be integrated into the website.


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