January 2017

Website Development Pricing Structure

#Website Cost #ROI #Design #Development #SEO Website development as a mainstream has flourished exponentially within a less time. With so many of the service providers spreading out and the Internet opening up the International boundaries, a lot of design variety and skill diversity is available. Despite, this has created a great chaos in the minds …

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Website Maintenance

A website needs regular website maintenance to function properly. There are many issues related to websites which need regular attention so that the website can remain unharmed by malicious attacks and can always remain updated with the latest information and content. Regular website maintenance is the key to online sustainability. Website owners think that once …

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NoSQL ( “non SQL”, “non relational” or “not only SQL” )

NoSQL a bucket term for any data storage technology that is not relational in nature. NoSQL databases schemas and applications have now emerged into the mainstream as a tool for organizations battling big data requirements. What does NoSQL actually imply, and what advantages and disadvantages does NoSQL deliver for data storage? To begin with, NoSQL”is …

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Front end Development with Angular.JS

If you are about to proceed for your next web application project in JavaScript Framework you must need to take a quick look at Angular.js as your programming tool. As there are many JavaScript frameworks available, such as Jquery, Backbone.js and Knockout.js, so its a bit difficult to single out one. So here are some …

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How websites can affect your conversion rates

Mostly total marketing budget is being spent on bringing visitors to their website while very little of the resources are being dedicated to conversion optimization. SEO, PPC, and other ways of generating traffic to a sales page is only the first half of the battle—Websites should apply the following tips to product pages to improve …

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PHP Development & Core PHP & its Frameworks

PHP can be described as the root of almost any and everything that we see on the internet. It is the base to the superstructure of various frameworks used for the purpose of web development. Even in cases where a developer wants to use frameworks such as CakePHP, Symfony, or CodeIgnitor and so on. It …

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