Website Maintenance

A website needs regular website maintenance to function properly. There are many issues related to websites which need regular attention so that the website can remain unharmed by malicious attacks and can always remain updated with the latest information and content. Regular website maintenance is the key to online sustainability. Website owners think that once their CMS website has been built, you don’t need to do anything more to it other than add content but that is just one aspect of the overall website maintenance. Website Maintenance comprises all the activities needed to ensure the smooth functioning and operational integrity of the website like:


  • Website Publishing
  • Website Quality Assurance
  • Manage Communication With Website Visitors
  • Measure Success Of The Website
  • Manage technical aspects of the website

The decision of maintaining the website in-house or outsourcing to an agency also depends on the size of the website and also on the availability of people having the required knowledge to maintain the website in-house. Some may lack the knowledge and tools needed for proper website upkeep. Usually people invest a huge amount developing a good website and many times also spend on promoting the website online but in the name of maintenance they assume that only adding content is enough and as they can easily manage that via the CMS very little attention is paid to the other aspects of the website. One needs to allocate a certain budget for the regular maintenance also. One solution is to hire a company that specializes or offers web maintenance services. Hence all these activities can be managed in-house by having a dedicated team or outsource it to different specialized agencies by defining the scope of each agency very clearly and appoint a person in-house to co-ordinate with the different agencies to achieve success or find a company which offers turnkey solutions and offers all these services under their hood.


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