November 2016

Niche Market Benefits In Online Industries

Can a new business never compete with that of a well-settled brand? Although large number of people will agree to it, but the reality is that a new business can give a brand a run for their market and money if proper digital endeavor is considered. Some  surveys  revealed that the industry which falls under …

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Real Estate & Website Development

REAL ESTATE throughout the country is exploding. The website, and all marketing should reflect that a great site will simply be a mirror and reflect your existing persona, personality, and expertise back to your website visitors.   The Internet is how people are searching for properties and a website with style is the only way to …

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Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP is a way to build web pages for static content that render fast. ACCELERATED MOBILE PAGES  is an open-source initiative between high-profile technology companies and content publishers. Its primary goal is to give all websites a way to build light-weight web pages in order to load faster on mobile devices. With AMP, news stories and blog …

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Shopify & Magento

Choosing the most suitable e-commerce platform is critically important, as it can be the factor responsible for either the success or failure of your business. Two popular platforms for e-commerce hosting, SHOPIFY & MAGENTO offer small businesses a chance to sell goods online. Both products have different advantages that make them worthy of consideration. However, some huge …

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Business Growth Through Websites

We still find many business owners that don’t fully understand the possibilities a good website presence can bring to their business and overlook this aspect of their business, not considering it a priority. Based on different facts you can easily notice how important it is to have your business visible on the Internet. It is …

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Agile Development

Unlike traditional project management techniques which define the project scope, costs, and estimated timelines upfront, the Agile method operates on a continuum. It breaks up the project into smaller segments, called sprints, which gives the customer more feedback opportunities throughout the project. There is a high level of communication between the development team and the …

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