Joomla Development

JOOMLA is a CMS powering websites of all shapes and sizes. A content management system keeps track of every single piece of content on your website or blog and since there is no one-size-fits-all solution to blog and web design, it is important to choose the right CMS for your goals and needs. There are three very popular open source CMS platforms available.

Joomla is easy to install and set up. This CMS has strong social networking features and performs as a community platform. The extensive developer-oriented capabilities of Joomla lie somewhere between those of the Drupal and WordPress platforms. This CMS platform is powerful and flexible, with only a slight learning curve involved in learning how to best use it. Joomla doesn’t offer the same level of search engine optimization as WordPress. Your blog or website may need an SEO expert in order to get the search results you expect. The overall interface of the Joomla admin section provides extensive fine-tuned control over your blog or website. You must become familiar with the platforms documentation in order to understand all the design buttons and links.  There are two ways to get started with Joomla, either by starting a free website at  or a Joomla website on a web hosting account.


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