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REAL ESTATE throughout the country is exploding. The website, and all marketing should reflect that a great site will simply be a mirror and reflect your existing persona, personality, and expertise back to your website visitors.


The Internet is how people are searching for properties and a website with style is the only way to convince or attract buyers. Great navigation is simple, easy-to-use and allows visitors to drill down the content or sections that are most important to your visitors and provides clarity on the structure of your site and the services. Now-a-days photography and videos make or break a website. Invest in high quality imagery and video. A great video will tell your story, introduce you to your prospects, and sell you via your website 24/7.  Similar to the above, your website must be search engine optimized. The website should be built on an “optimized CMS” like wordpress.  Blogs are still a beautiful tool in online marketing and we still can’t recommend them enough. No single element is more powerful than a blog. Finally some elements that, although not absolutely mandatory, are growing in popularity and might make your life  that much easier: Personalized CRM Integration , having a customized/integrated CRM (customer relationship manager) built into or connected with your website can be extremely powerful for sales and marketing.


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