September 2016

Significance of Online Reviews

ONLINE REVIEWS are increasingly playing a pivotal role in making or breaking a business’s online reputation. Statistics clearly show that an overwhelming majority of people rely heavily on online reviews of a business while deciding whether to buy a product or a service.Online reviews are the modern day equivalents of word of mouth recommendations. The significance …

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Enhanced Instagram Features

INSTAGRAM has introduced new and valuable features for businesses, aimed in particular at small- to medium-sized companies.  Much like Facebook profiles are different from business Facebook Pages,  Instagram’s Business Profiles now offer you the chance to distinguish your company from all the individual users on the site. Instagram Business Profiles allow you to provide directions to your …

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Logo Design And Remodeling

Like most aspects of online marketing, your logo has a certain shelf life and should be redesigned over time in order to give your brand refreshed and up-to-date image. These changes, even if they are subtle, are necessary in order to stay relevant and keep your company identity fresh in the eyes of consumers. Oftentimes brands look …

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Startups survival rates are brutal, particularly in the tech sector. It is important that startups do not just wait and change, but instead continuously adapt to meet ever-changing market needs. Startups face a plethora of challenges early on, including funding finding the right developer and customer management. It can be overwhelming for startups to deal …


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Best   LinkedIn  Approach

LinkedIn is a unique and fast growing social media network. Being a professional network, many of the social techniques used on other platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat) may not go over so well on LinkedIn. Here are a few thoughts on the best ways to use LinkedIn for your business: Make sure your company’s profile …

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Advancements In Website Design

Often times, business owners or managers are apprehensive about altering or updating their website, and especially cautious about moving to a new design altogether. As an overview, SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION is the value and recognition of your online presence by search engine giants like Google. In order to find your website online, Google ranks the quality and …

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The Inevitable Results Of Social Media

A presence on SOCIAL MEDIA is vital to growing your business. In owning your social media presence, you are establishing your business to potential customers. You can convey a strong sense of your business’s values, message, and brand, making it easier for consumers to see how your business aligns with their needs. With consistent content development and …

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Website Design Experts for Start-ups

If you have just started a new business and obviously the first wise thing is to do in today’s tech-savvy world is to have your own website. You definitely need to consider certain criteria before actually opting for one. Criteria for selecting a good website development company. You need to assess what your exact needs …

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