Software Testing :: A Critical Approach

TESTING is a core part of app development, web design and even marketing. Honestly if you are not regularly testing what you are doing then how can you be certain the changes you are making are for the best? Testing can be done for literally any aspect of your projects however often they are best used for the critical points in a process such as first impressions and pivotal points where a customer could jump ship like the onboarding process in an app or the landing page of a website. The testing  result will help you discover which option resonates better with the people your efforts are aimed at. Testing can improve your ROI especially in areas that directly impact conversion rates. It can be a real eye opener for some people who have never done testing before to see the dramatic difference.

Every action and every conversion directly affects your bottom line and testing can help increase conversions in both major ways and minor ways that add up. While some people simply make a change and then track what happens in a live environment, why would you want to ever risk losing out on business or negative effects? Even the smallest changes should be tested and properly vetted if your goal is to have a site or app that is optimized for success. You simply won’t know the impact unless you test it. These are just general starting spots as depending on your business there could be quite a few more critical junction points that testing could help with. The bottom line is that testing can dramatically improve your ROI if you aren’t regularly doing it. Target audiences can be a complex group that might not always react or respond in the way you assume they will which is where testing comes in.

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