How To Monetize Mobile App

Making a MOBILE APP is the easy part. Often even amazing apps don’t get the attention they deserve. They get buried in app stores, never to be seen again. If you don’t want to get lost in the app store grind, here are some suggestions to make sure that your new app, gets the attention it deserves. Marketing is a big help. People  need to know what it does, and is it worth downloading, and possibly even paying for. Marketing starts before you even launch your product. Build excitement through campaigns on social media, or tech blogs, maybe even get some people to test the app early in order to generate buzz for excellent word of mouth. There are multiple ways get the buzz going, and if not you can always hire an agency to do the work for you. The bottom line is: spread the word to the right people. A key platform in generating buzz for your app is by using Invites. If they get an invitation to test out a new product you can be sure they will post about it, or recommend it to their friends. Invites also, promote exclusivity, which makes people want something even more so, than they thought they did. Allow them to advance to the next level, unlock hidden features, or in-app bonuses, if they send invites to their friends. Give them a reason to keep inviting friends. Make sure  that go beyond the sign-in.

There is a lot to be said about the effectiveness of a well designed user interface. Your user interface should be two things: organized and easy. If people can’t figure out how to access features or feel inconvenienced, your app is in danger of being deleted. Consider what the most important functions of your mobile application are, and make those prominent and easily available. Your users don’t want to have to spend time figuring out how to access the basic features of your product, so organize them into intuitive categories and put them somewhere obvious. And finally, listen to your designers and developers. Keep your app updated, and working. A good app can have a long life, and enjoy lots of success.

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