Best   LinkedIn  Approach

LinkedIn is a unique and fast growing social media network. Being a professional network, many of the social techniques used on other platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat) may not go over so well on LinkedIn. Here are a few thoughts on the best ways to use LinkedIn for your business:

Make sure your company’s profile is completely filled out and best reflects all that you hope to convey about your business. This information is available to search engines and this can help your business to be found in an online search. As always, short, clear, concise, well-written content is best! Start some online dialogue by asking a question that relates to your target audience. This often can include a link to a poignant article, a short video, a captivating image, etc. be sure to include an image or video with each post so you’ll stand out in a user’s feed. LinkedIn reports that an image results in a 98% higher rate of engagement from your followers. Be intentional about your posts and develop an editorial calendar. This way you have regularly scheduled posts that are spread out and optimized for the best days/times when your audience will notice. But also be aware of timely news and trends that relate to your industry, and be sure to react and comment

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