Startups survival rates are brutal, particularly in the tech sector. It is important that startups do not just wait and change, but instead continuously adapt to meet ever-changing market needs. Startups face a plethora of challenges early on, including funding finding the right developer and customer management. It can be overwhelming for startups to deal with so many different challenges, but agile software development can tilt the odds of success in your favour. Before you start work on developing a web product for your startup, it is important to first decide the best way to build the web application.

AGILE  DEVELOPMENT, implements an incremental development approach. Agile development works in an iterative cycle, where the development team will push out your startup product at the end of every cycle. Under the agile methodology, the features are tested right from the very beginning of the process. This incremental testing of the application will allow you to identify the bugs right from the start and ensure that the project is constantly aligned with you and the development team.  Agile development places emphasis on test-driven development and the heavy use of test cases and code refactoring to guard against bugs and make sure the code is light. Agile development ensures that all project stakeholders are actively involved in the development process, which in turn leads to a higher level of accuracy. Since this form of development is centered around continuous improvement, time is saved making discovered mistakes on subsequent iterations.

Agile development will be most effective for projects with a lot of uncertainties, that will need a lot of changes and generally new start up ideas. If you pick the right model, the odds of your startup taking off are a lot higher.

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