Logo Design And Remodeling

Like most aspects of online marketing, your logo has a certain shelf life and should be redesigned over time in order to give your brand refreshed and up-to-date image. These changes, even if they are subtle, are necessary in order to stay relevant and keep your company identity fresh in the eyes of consumers. Oftentimes brands look for ways to refresh their brand identity. Whether the goal is to make themselves more relevant or perhaps to better align with a new direction their brand wishes to move in, sometimes a new look and feel is key. While a new logo isn’t the only way to accomplish this new brand identity for your company, many times this new design for the symbol that represents your brand is one of the core elements of a rebranding.

Our talented team of designers can help you better understand what goes into something and the deeper meaning of the symbols have for your  respective brand. Redesigning your LOGO is redesigning your brand. However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. A logo update allows your business to explore new opportunities and display much more about what the company stands for. The logo is the very core of your business, and redesigning it allows you to maintain and modernize your brand.

At Onclick Innovations,  we want to reassure our clients that, if done correctly, there is no reason to fear moving to a new and improved redesigned logo.

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