Shopify & Magento

Choosing the most suitable e-commerce platform is critically important, as it can be the factor responsible for either the success or failure of your business. Two popular platforms for e-commerce hosting, SHOPIFY & MAGENTO offer small businesses a chance to sell goods online. Both products have different advantages that make them worthy of consideration. However, some huge fundamental differences between these platforms.

Shopify is a commercial product while Magento Community is a free, open-source software. Shopify is a hosted while Magento requires that you provide your own hosting, install, setup and configure everything before you can actually start creating your store – something requiring medium to high level of web development and programming skills. Shopify requires less technical expertise, making it a favorite for small business owners with little or no e-commerce experience. Shopify and Magneto Community Edition provide stores with flexibility for determining shipping charges. Companies that want to use coupons and discount codes should turn to either Magneto Community Edition or pay for a more expensive version of Shopify. Shopify simplifies the process by providing more than 70 payment gateway options. Shopify uses a simple menu oriented system that makes customization easy. The Open Source nature of Magneto Community Edition allows for extensive customization for those who can work well with source code, HTML, and CSS. When comparing Shopify vs Magento, business owners must examine the tradeoffs between features and price. The Open Source option, Magneto Community Edition has the right price and works best for store owners who have access to technical skills. Either way, these options offer businesses the framework they need to compete in the e-commerce world.


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