Month: November 2016

Custom Website Development

If you are want to create a great website, you must get in touch with a qualified and experienced team of professional website design experts. Experts who work relentlessly towards getting their clients’ website over the topmost pages of major search engines, following a certified approach. Experts are professional people who have in-depth and thorough …

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Website Security In Web Development

Ecommerce website is a challenging business. You don’t only have to deal with inventory, orders and clients, you will have to deal with technology, advertising and various ways of marketing and before all SECURITY. You have to give your customers a sense of security. They need to know that their credit card or checks information …

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Inventiveness In Content Creating

Having a hard time getting fresh ideas for content?  Web Design Companies  everywhere face the problem of generating interesting content either for themselves or their clients.   This works best reading industry news in your niche along with sites that you specifically find interesting and engaging to help increase your brain activity. Well-written pieces can help …

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How Google AMP Affects Your SEO

Google has shifted their focus as well looking to enhance the mobile internet as much as possible which has included spotlighting local search as well as showing preference to mobile friendly websites. The Accelerated Mobile Project is an open source program built on AMP HTML, a new open coding framework that uses existing web technologies. …

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Google RankBrain

GOOGLE RANKBRAIN is primarily targeted at improving Google’s ability to infer the intent of search users. The aspect of RankBrain which sets it apart from previous algorithm updates is its machine learning underpinnings. This architecture enables it to automatically refine itself over time. But how does RankBrain analyse sites at a technical level and is …

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