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Website development as a mainstream has flourished exponentially within a less time. With so many of the service providers spreading out and the Internet opening up the International boundaries, a lot of design variety and skill diversity is available. Despite, this has created a great chaos in the minds of clients. With different  Website Development Pricing all over the companies, most of the web design service buyers mull over the reasonable cost of web development. We can find web designers and web design firms asking different amounts at the same time some others don’t even touch a project for less than that particular amount, and even more web designers fall in between these price ranges. So what is the right price for a website design or redesign?

It depends on a multitude of factors::


  •  Quality

There are so many options to save money. However, cheap quality reflects itself negatively, and has the potential of hindering website visitor conversions. On the other hand, if all your marketing budget is spent on just a website design and you have nothing left to market your impeccable website, did you even then made a wise decision ? You need a professionally created website that “talks” to your visitors and does a perfect job at showing them how trustworthy you and your business are. More important however is that you need a website that is “results-oriented” and converts your visitors into customers.

  • Value

The price to value depends on factors which encompass design and functionality both. You have to know what goes into developing a basic website framework and how much effort is needed to add bells and whistles to the basic core.

  • Functionality

Many customers require a content management system to enable them to easily add content to the site and update the existing content. Many individuals and businesses however require much more than a basic 5 page website and may include requirements like Flash slideshows, editable jQuery, Contact Us forms, Blog, Forum, Sitemap, Virtual Tours, Photo and Video Galleries etc. Your web design company needs to design and develop this functionality and you will be paying for their time and expertise.

The larger your project scope, the higher the cost will be. Web development costs include scope parameters such as:

  • The number of pages to be designed.
  • Programming required
  • Content authoring and image usage.
  • Web hosting and domain name purchase.
  • Video development and video hosting
  • Logo design or redesign


  • Expertise and Experience

Experienced web designers is always the best choice. While experienced web design firms with cross-discipline experience will always charge more, they also stand a better chance of delivering superior results.

  •  QA

Good developers must have quality assurance methods, project management tools . Cross browser testing, broken link checks, better cut images, cleaner Javascript code, that loads quickly, are some benefits that make or break a website.

The bottom line is, the decision to hire a web design company should never be price focused, but ROI (return on investment) focused. If the company has the ability to deliver and show you a successful track record, you will never regret your decision.


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