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Over the past few  years, mobile device users have surpassed traditional Internet browsing from desktop and laptop computers. Today, the majority of Internet browsers are searching and visiting websites, social media sites, and checking email from their mobile devices. As a result, businesses need to rethink their online strategies and adjust them accordingly. In fact, many of the major search engines have adjusted their ranking criteria and now prominently display search results featuring websites that are mobile friendly. If your website is not mobile friendly, the link to your website could easily now be on the second, third, or even fifth page of search results and no longer be reaching your targeted audience.

Now search engines are actually counting these shares in ranking search results into the ranking criteria. It is more important now to ensure your web presence includes all the latest requirements for mobile device users and content sharing. If your site has not been updated in the past six months, it is probably due for an overhaul to incorporate new features for mobile device users. Web design services, many businesses are opting for a single website designed for both mobile device and traditional Internet users. This type of web design automatically detects the type of device being used to access the content and adjusts how content is displayed on the user’s screen. Having a single website design also makes it easier to update and manage anytime you want to make changes to content, add new pages, or incorporate new features. These changes in web browsing are the result of most mobile users searching for businesses because they require their products or services now. If your website is mobile friendly, not only does it make it easier for people to find your business, but it can also show them where you are located in regards to their current location. For all you know your next new customer is just a few blocks away.

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