GROOVY is a flexible programming language with functional programming aspects built on top of the JVM and fully compatible with Java. It provides ease of use with powerful tools and libraries for web and application developers including convention over configure  frameworks and Android development tools. Groovy has been adopted by Netflix, Amazon, Google and is part of the Android SDK. Groovy is also much easier to learn, write and adopt than other functional languages that have extremely high learning curves.

Groovy in comparison is far easier to learn. And Groovy integrates with Java, Java frameworks and Java libraries. In fact it is so compatible, you can take just about any Java class and change the extension to ‘.groovy’ and it will compile and run! Groovy is a fast, easy to learn, well adopted and mature language that just about anyone can pick up. Groovy comes with very powerful yet easy tools to do paralllel processing and  is very efficient in running the code that is repetitive in nature.

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