Duo, a new dead-simple app for video calls. Duo is roughly like a FaceTime for Android. Duo is available on both iOS and Android, Google’s goal is clearly to give Android users a FaceTime-like experience.  Google worked hard to make Duo reliable. Duo is unique for its ability to send video even before the call,  Google appears to be relying almost entirely on word-of-mouth to get the word out about Duo.  Google is essentially making Duo work for its success.

Duo is compared to strong, sensibly intertwined products like Facebook Messenger and Apple’s iMessage/FaceTime. Duo is best understood as a no-frills FaceTime competitor that works with Android devices instead of just Apple products. Google tried a lot but was never able to get video calling better than FaceTime. A video calling app but what’s different here is that first it is attached to your phone number rather than your Google account. Thus, giving it more reach. Second, with some kind of technical magic inside  it will work seamlessly even with low data connection. This will be very   useful in areas with inferior internet.

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