Drupal Commerce Vs. Magento

E-commerce has steadily grown over the years since then and is now a booming business, showing no signs of ever slowing down. It is important to identify your business needs and priorities prior to reaching a conclusion on which e-Commerce platform to go with, Drupal Commerce Vs Magento. Overall, Drupal Commerce fits well with small businesses offering simple services to their customers, while Magento works well for larger businesses which require a robust e-Commerce solution.

Online business owners who are looking to implement a new e-Commerce platform are faced with a number of available CMS options. Although there are a myriad of e-Commerce platforms out there from which to choose, two of the big contenders in the online shopping market are Drupal Commerce and Magento.

In an effort to determine which platform will yield the best results for your online site, DRUPAL COMMERCE VS.  MAGENTO, consider the features of both:

Drupal Commerce

  • Open-source CMS
    • Bundled CMS and e-Commerce
    • 20,000+ modules
  • FTP for file and folder management
    • Huge community of developers
    • One single login
    • Easy user permissions configurations
    • Easy, customizable modules
    • One set of management tools
    • Analytics are based within the one platform


  • Only the Community version is open sourced

    • Two sets of templates are required (one for CMS and one for Magento), plus integration in order to connect both systems
    • Two different logins as there are two systems
    • Two sets of different management tools
    • Requires advanced PHP knowledge
    • E-Commerce focused and works very well for large businesses needing to display and sell products
    • Analytics are provided across a number of platforms
    • Requires larger server resources

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