Phalcon:: The Extremely Fast Framework

 “Phalcon” a high-performance PHP Web framework. It is written as a C extension. Phalcon is probably one’s go to framework, if the application has to be in PHP and be as performant as possible. Since , it is very fast, but cannot run on shared hosting. As compiled as a C extension into PHP which makes it faster by an order of magnitude. Phalcon doesn’t have footprint in one’s project it resides in one’s memory, so it will not be seen specific code in your project. We can’t play around with Phalcon’s source code and modify to fit  different needs.

In PHALCON, as default, directory structure, and the way one write classes dictates  routes. Phalcon is blazing fast. Phalcon is different, as it is delivered as a php extension, which will be injected into the php core while running. So, we can just download the extension on Windows, or rebuild it, enable it in php.ini, and after that we got a high performance framework working. It is not easy extendable at all. Phalcon  is a completely different framework as its core files are compiled as a php extension. Its fastest PHP framework but because of the dependency on many core api’s the documentation becomes the limiting factor. Phalcon is compiled framework hence changing some core functionality would be difficult.  When one’s own code hooks into a class/method of Phalcon, that method will be executed directly as C, which is already compiled to machine code, which is basically as fast as one can get. Unlike most PHP frameworks, Phalcon is implemented as a web server extension  and aiming to boost execution speed, reduce resource usage, and handle more HTTP requests  per second than comparable frameworks written primarily in PHP.


  • Extremely  fast
  • The team seems really dedicated so much so they have a fundraising page to make the lead developer full time


  • We’d be relying on a framework we can’t just jump in and fix if there is a bug until an official patch is out.
  • It doesn’t work with HHVM
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