BLUEMIX  is an enabler for all the rich portfolio of services and provides a palette for innovation.   Bluemix is based off Cloud Foundry. In Bluemix there are  Cloud Foundry Apps.

Bluemix also includes an implementation of containers and these are under the containers subset which is where one will find the ability to create a Kubernetes cluster and Docker containers. Bluemix is the enabler for the services and provides a easy to use, readily available environment from which to access the services and bring together very rapidly to create new value. Some key value areas are: infrastructure choices, cognitive services with IBMWatso, integration services to access hidden away data and function in systems in many different industries and businesses, security services, blockchain for Distributed Transaction Ledgers, data aggregation and potential replatforming. All the Bluemix capability is categorised under Apps and Services. Services are things like a hosted database, an email or SMS service, Mobile-Backend server, Big data analytics frameworks, Watson cognitive, Weather company etc. These services are usually enabled and accessed via REST APIs. It helps to integrate and manage APIs to legacy and important value.  The richest catagory of services includes Blockchain, Business rules, geolocation services, messaging, Box, maps, payment services, real time data distribution and video.

Some other capabilities are:


  • Boilerplates
  • OpenWhisk
  • Mobile ( Various services to support you mobile backend services)
  • Data & Analytics( Everything from NoSQL and SQL to Haadoop ad Geospatial analytics, with data as a service emerging as important value sources)
  • Internet of Things (Through recipes build out new IoT applications including a set of industry specific services)
  • Security (Build security into application design)


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