Meteor  a full stack JavaScript (JS) framework, made up of a collection of libraries and packages. Meteor has been built on concepts from other frameworks and libraries in a way that makes it easy to prototype applications. Essentially, it makes web development easier. It’s flexible and requires less code, which means less bugs and typically a higher quality and more stable end result. Hence, meteor is easy to learn and quick to build and thats why it is a  favorite for many developers.  Things that make this framework a favorite are:

  •  With JavaScript on the front-end and back-end, plus smart packages, Meteor allows you to develop faster. This makes others trying to get a product out the door quickly.
  • Aside from rapid development, JavaScript on the server and client has other benefits—like less context switching. Moreover, JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It has many use-cases, and many developers are already familiar with it.
  • Anyone who gives Meteor a try knows how simple it is to get up and going. Unlike other popular full stack frameworks, you don’t have to rely on multiple languages. Any semi-experienced JS developer could be handed a Meteor project with decent structure, and pick it up and get it running quickly, it’s simple to learn and work with.
  • Meteor is the perfect solution for those looking to build real-time applications. It is real-time by default, known as “full stack reactivity”. All of the application’s layers from database to template update automatically. This means there is no need to refresh the page to see updates. And any changes to documents save instantly. This makes Meteor a perfect use-case for real time collaboration, too.
  • Building out a login system for your application can be a pain. But not with Meteor. Meteor packages make it simple to add features such as:
  • User accounts
  • Javascript libraries like React
  • Extras like Bootstrap or Stylus
  • …and more


  • Meteor makes it simple to turn your web app into a smartphone app with Cordova. Cordova is a platform to build native smartphone applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It has a set of APIs that allow you to access native device functions, like the camera, with JavaScript. And the best part is that Meteor comes out of the box with Cordova.
  • The web is becoming an increasingly real-time environment. With the growth of online applications like real-time collaboration tools, instant customer support, multiplayer web games, and more, the need for real-time friendly applications is increasing.


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