Protractor is a familiar automation framework specific to AngularJS. Protractor is an end-to-end test framework for AngularJS applications. It allows you do drive the browser and test the expected state of your application’s pages. This sort of functional testing is an essential component of any overall testing strategy. Protractor runs on top of selenium. So if one’s application is created using angularJS, then protractor will help as it has in built support for angular JS page load and actions. Protractor is a test framework for Angular JS applications which uses Selenium to automate the browser behavior. Most of us are familiar with the WebDriver (Selenium) which we use to automate the browsers.

Protractor is an Open Source, and  built by a team in Google on top of WebDriverJS with existing technologies such as Selenium, Node.js and Jasmine which makes writing tests a breeze. It’s also a replacement for the existing AngularJS E2E testing framework called “Angular Scenario Runner”.

Why Protractor?

Protractor is a wrapper around Selenium WebDriverJS and Selenium Server.It has new locator strategies and functions specifically for Angular apps. Automatic waiting, can execute the next step in you test the moment the webpage finishes pending tasks. One Can take the advantage of the Selenium grid to run multiple browser at once.We Can run test on both real and headless browsers.

– Easily install and setup

– Easily readable jasmine framework

– Support Data Driven test

– Include all advantages of Selenium WebDriver

– Auto-Synchronization

–  Support parallel testing through multiple browsers

–  Excellent speed

Some not so good points of Protractor::It is basically a UI driven testing tool, provide only front-end testing and there is no any detailed test report, other than test log, it needs more time to script and is more sensitive and Zero Tolerance.


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