PRISMA  is a new photo app, though it’s also being dubbed an “art filter” app. Prisma transforms your photos into artworks using the styles of famous artists. Ever since the app’s debut, it has been leading Apple’s App Store ranking in Russia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Moldova, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. Prisma, the hottest app of the season developed by Russian firm Prisma Labs, has taken the social media world by offering impressive and mind boggling canvas art-like filters. Some of the main reasons for the highest number of downloads are because  Prisma App is available for free of cost, The User Interface of this app is pretty simple, The major thing is that this app doesn’t interrupt while you are editing with ads.

One of the most important feature of Prisma – fast and efficient image processing. Although, the approach adopted is similar to other photo apps but the results produced are marvelous and not seen before. To improve the image quality, operation speed and effects, the photos ‘fed’ to the neutral networks are placed on the server for short time duration. When the complete processing is finished, all images are stored in encrypted format and then deleted. It has been developed with a focus on just one feature, which is applying a filter to a photo making it easy to use and boosting its adoption rate.

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