Lodash :: a better utility library developed by JavaScript Community


LODASH  a big library and to be precise a utility library delivering consistency, customization, performance, & extras. Lodash was built with modularity and performance in mind from ground up. Lodash offers more flexibility allowing custom builds targeting different environments including ES2015 modules,  excellent libraries that have huge adoption and years of development by the best and brightest of the JavaScript community.  Lodash and underscore come with immutable operations of their own. Each comes with an API of its own. Lodash has so many qualities by which it has replaced underscore::

  • Usability Improvements
  • Extra Functionality
  • Performance Gains
  • Shorthand syntaxes for chaining
  • Custom Builds to only use what you need
  • Semantic versioning and 100% code coverage


One will get immutability and more power but there’s simply more to learn. Lodash also contains a group of functions that target functional programming. Lodash has a group of general purpose utilities for simplifying common programming tasks. Lodash seems to be a drop-in replacement for underscore. It has since become a superset of Underscore, providing more consistent API behavior, more features,  more thorough documentation  and unit tests better overall performance and optimizations for large arrays/object iteration, and more flexibility with custom builds  and template pre-compilation utilities.


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