Git :: A Version Control System

Git a source code management system, a version control system. Simply git is a tool which is used in web development but not just a simple tool its one of the most popular git revision control and source code management system which keeps all the old and new versions of code and track who changed the code, when changed the code and what part of code developer changed and also can see commit log to know why he changed and why he made that changes in code. GIT is used to maintain code for your project. It helps you to save your project at different versions, so that you can retrieve a previous version of your project without any problem. Source codes(or files) are saved in repositories. You check out the files from a version, make some changes, save it and commit changes to create a newer version of your project

  • You have access to all versions of all files in Git repository at any time, it’s almost impossible to lose any part of a code.
  • Multiple developers can work on one project at the same time without interfering with each other, and without fear of losing any changes made by a colleague. In Git, the possibilities of collaborative work are unlimited.

Why to Use Git

There are many tools available in market right now like Git to revision control and SCM (source code management) but why Git is most popular ? Git tracks state, history and integrate of the source tree

  • Git keeps old versions for you if some developer did any mistake in code then you will always have previous version to fix it
  • Multiple developers can work together, once they write code in their local machine and commit it then other developers can pull it easily.
  • Large developers community and online websites to upload your source codes or get others source codes to make your work easier
  • Lots of software available for both who comfortable with command line and for others GUI tools
  • Easy and clear documentation to get started
  • Git will not use much bandwidth, just need to connect to push code when you are done


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