Node.JS Web Application:: Express

Express a framework for writing a web server in Node. It is practically essential framework to know for node,js dev and it is used by overwhelming majority of node.js web servers as core framework which powers more complex frameworks. It can serve a variety of content, including raw JSON and HTML templates. In this users …

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Continuous integration(CI) tool :: Bamboo

#ContinuousIntegration #CI #CITools #Jetkins #Bamboo #UI #Testing #JIRA #SDK Bamboo is a continuous integration (CI) server that can be used to automate the release management for a software application, creating a continuous delivery pipeline. Bamboo is a commercial product from atlassian. BAMBOO has multiple plugins to customize its usage. Further one can also extend the functionality  by writing …

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The Best CI Tool :: Jenkins

#ContinuousIntegration #CI #Jenkins #CITools #OpenSource #VCS #Testing #Github JENKINS is a Continuous Integration (CI) server or tool which is written in java. It provides Continuous Integration services for software development. Its an “Open source community with many plugins & flexibility as an automation platform. Also, it is a free software to download and install. To pass …

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React Native way to build world-class applications

React Native is a framework that enables one to build world-class application experiences on native platforms based on JavaScript and React.React Native is a mobile framework that compiles to native app components, allowing one to build native mobile applications (iOS, Android, and Windows) in JavaScript.  It’s based on React, Facebook’s JavaScript library for building user interfaces, but …

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Docker is an open source  project that automates the development and deployment of applications  inside software containers, by providing an additional layer of abstraction and automation of operating system level virtualization on Linux. Docker extract its component to accelerate the innovation across the ecosystem and donated it to open foundation. Docker is both a daemon  and a client …

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