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Bamboo is a continuous integration (CI) server that can be used to automate the release management for a software application, creating a continuous delivery pipeline. Bamboo is a commercial product from atlassian. BAMBOO has multiple plugins to customize its usage. Further one can also extend the functionality  by writing its own plugins using the SDK’s provided. Some good points are that  Bamboo is an atlassian product, the integration of JIRA issue tracker and Clover, the code coverage tool, becomes easy with bamboo. However, the Automatic Branching/Merging backing makes Bamboo a far more pleasant work process for engineers.

It is a very popular dev tool company.It out of the box supports for Java, .NET, PHP, Javascript among others tools and completely automated with slick web UI. Bamboo has the ability to deploy parallel builds to multiple agents and build pipelines make it easy to create workflows. The analytical tools help highlight what went wrong. Few more things about Bamboo:

  • Supports programmed stretching and combining
  •  Integrates with many source control systems. Integrates well with rest of Atlassian suite. So on the off chance that you utilize Jira for bugs and story administration, and intersection for documentation, it’s anything but difficult to get bamboo to auto close stories/bugs as they’re sent, and overhaul conjunction documentation with each finished story.
  • Has some cool extravagant accessories like recognizing if an arrangement is as of now halted.
  • It’s elusive plugins for non-regular assignments or setup.
  • It’s less well known than Jenkins. Hard to discover different clients to talk shop or request help.




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