React Native way to build world-class applications

React Native is a framework that enables one to build world-class application experiences on native platforms based on JavaScript and React.React Native is a mobile framework that compiles to native app components, allowing one to build native mobile applications (iOS, Android, and Windows) in JavaScript.  It’s based on React, Facebook’s JavaScript library for building user interfaces, but instead of targeting also browser, it targets mobile platforms.React Native applications are written using JSX. React native provides a basic set of components for both iOS and Android platforms. Some of the components in React Native are Navigator, TabBar, Text, TextInput, View, ScrollView. These components use native iOS UIKit and Android UI components internally.

  • React Native is a great platform for crearting non-heavily based apps for both iOS and Android. React Native has their owm implementation of rendering components for native platforms.
  • React Native has a flexbox way of styling instead of regular CSS for the web
  • React Native has to be compiled to native code where ReactJS can be used directly in the DOM
  • One can use React Native to develop Android as well as IOS apps with very few or in some cases no code changes.
  • A simple Javascript editor is required to write React Native apps.
  •  React Native has a wonderful feature called hot reloading where one can make changes to the code, save it and the changes are reflected realtime, we don’t need to run the project every time when we make changes to the code. This feature is similar to Instant run of Android Studio but if we compare the speed on lower RAM computers, hot reloading stands strong.
  • React Native community is increasing day by day and we can find lot of examples and libraries to help one developing applications more faster.
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