Wi-fi Trash Bin

Wi-fi Trash Bin

Garbage bin that rewards users with Free WiFi, in exchange for cleaner surroundings. As soon as someone put in a required amount of trash, the bin generates a Wi-Fi pass code which gives the person free Wi-Fi. Techies have launched this innovative idea by which you can have free wifi access if you throw trash  into the bin. Yes this is now possible with Wifi Trash Bin. When somebody dumps trash into a dustbin the bin flashes a unique code, which can be used to gain access to free WiFi, one of the two founders of the initiative.


The dustbin works in a very simple way, whenever someone throws trash in the WiFi dustbin, an access code is generated on the LED display in front of the bin. One can then use that access code to connect to the WiFi network of the dustbin. The process is quite simple. You have to throw the trash into bin. When you throw the trash the Wifi Trash bin will detect that there is a new trash into the bin. the LED light is displayed with a unique code on it. This is your Access code, and you can use this code to use free Wifi. The Wifi service is provided by the MTS which is a sponsored for this project.

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