SOCIALXPERIENCE  a new start page offering that provides a slew of content ready for the picking.

With this start page, there’s a menu for you to choose content from to add to your site. There are two main categories—blogs and widgets. From the widgets you can add things like RSS feeds, and get great content from sites like Mashable, or check out content coming from the blogs of participating companies. The choice and variety of content you can place on your SocialXperience start page may seem a bit disjointed, but it all generally falls around the central idea of keeping up with the world of social networking. These participating companies contribute content about their companies and the trends of web 2.0. You can also change the background color of your startpage, set the number of items to show on your page, select your default search engine, and pick your font size and style. Looks like there will also be the ability to access your email, add things like weather widgets, and a calendar in the future.

This service is still simplistic in its overall offering, and doesn’t allow much in the way of customization. You’re also limited to one page, to fit all the content you add, and there’s no way to remove one of the default blog readers, which simply rotates its content based on the company you’d like to read about. Having the ability to add in your own feeds and widgets would be a good idea as well. As SocialXperience is very supportive of the spreading of information for various companies, it would be nice to add a separate widget for each of these companies’ blogs, as well as a branded SocialXperience for each company if they’d like to offer this start page as a way to provide a resource tool for their users.

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