SCALA   is a general purpose programming language. Scala is fashionable because it helps people solve real problems in an elegant way and runs on what is arguably one of the better platforms (the JVM) currently available and pervasively deployed. Combining object oriented programming and functional programming into one, Scala is exceptionally expressive and concise. Scala is on the JVM, thus accessible to the most resourceful ecosystem amongst all languages. If you want your code to be something other programmers can use and/or build on, Scala is your best choice at the moment — it creates .jar files which can be used directly from plain Java, whereas Go doesn’t seem to be capable of creating reusable shared object (.so) files.


  • Simple and straightforward syntax– Scala typically requires two-thirds less code than Java. The syntax is also more flexible. For example, you can leave out periods between method calls so the code is more human-readable and easier to understand.
  • Inherently immutable objects–  Scala’s programming language reduces many thread-safety concerns that spring up in traditional Java applications.
  • Highly functional. Scala treats functions as first class citizens.
  • Fast implementation speed–  It allows for quicker implementation and enhanced performance.
  • Scala challenges strong engineers in a meaningful and entertaining manner, making development more fun.
  • Easy to solve concurrency issues–   It has an Actor library to solve concurrency problems more rapidly.
  • Support  XML —  Scala supports XML, which is beneficial if you have a need to encode documents in your products.


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