CentOS  (Community Enterprise Operating System) is a Linux distribution  that attempts to provide a free,enterprise-class, community-supported computing platform functionally compatible with its upstream  source. Centos  mainly focuses on the server. Although it has a desktop version too . One  can assume it as the version of the Red Hat Enterprise linux. The differnce is that Red hat packages are more reliable because all their services are paid. They have to maintain the standard and the market value of the company. On the other hand centos is a community based operating system , so the quality of their products may be less than that of red hat and Updates may be not on time in the case of centos.


-CentOS runs only the most stable versions of packaged software. This greatly reduces the risk of crashes and errors.

-CentOS is equipped with a wide array of impressive security features, including an incredibly powerful firewall and the SELinux policy mechanism.

-CentOS sees a new major release every three to five years.

-The platform’s superior stability means that it encounters fewer bugs and security holes than other distributions on the market, while also being able to run longer without requiring any new hardware upgrades.

-CentOS boasts superior reliability, speed, and stability; the trade-off is that it can’t necessarily do as much as its peers


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