iWatch Application Development

iWatch Application Development

Smart technology in watch form has captivated the world. The desire for a smart watch solution was so strong that Apple actually included a fitness watch capability in its most recent generation. The  iWatch can run nearly anything on its customized Android  interface and tethers to your current smart phone to handle phone calls, SMS, music and a host of apps.

The handy placement of a iWatch makes the process of interacting with data seamless and immediate. It takes less than a second to time-check, it is secured around your wrist and holds a very important position aesthetically speaking, considering all the possible accessories a person can actually wear. Instead of fumbling through pockets to pick up a device, or feeling the sting every time a product slips through fingers to crash on the ground, the  iWATCH is designed for immediate access to a smart phone’s features in a safe and secure way. The total weight of the product is a paltry 2.4 ounces. The user is able to swipe, tap, click and enlarge on the intuitive multi-touch surface. With the various touch patterns implemented in the  iWatch, the goal is to give the user a feeling as smooth as possible when interacting with the interface, almost as if it were part of his body,  is blend these classic features with the popular, sought-after functions most of us require, such as phone, email, social network and more, to create a dynamic, efficient and accurately designed device. All of this is installed in the unique, simple concept of a [smart]watch. It does provide the exact same functionalities of our other collections, but needless to say, it adds that timeless and untiring touch of exclusivity and uniqueness. Time will tell if the iWatch is the right lifestyle personal luxury and technology to break through and become as ubiquitous as it promises.

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