Features that make Laravel one of the Best PHP Frameworks

The pace of development in recent times has gradually increased to a great extent. With a number of technological marvels paradigms of society have become drastically changed. But to keep with this pace, a person, as well as a business enterprise, has to keep up with the dynamism of technology. Only with a considerable reach around the virtual world, your business will be able to stand competition. This demands for a highly competent web development company taking care of your website development are marketing needs. Top developers use PHP frameworks these days to develop interactive and state of the art websites/applications. Moreover, among many, Laravel is one of the best PHP frameworks that follows the Model View Controller architectural pattern.

Hire Laravel Developers

Here are some of the exciting features of Laravel PHP Framework:

Query builder

Query builder in laravel provides a more direct access to the database. Also, it permits selectable caching of query results already executed. It has a set of methods that build queries programmatically.

Libraries and Modular

Laravel reduces developer’s job by providing pre-installed libraries. It is popular due to its object-oriented libraries. These pre-installed libraries provide a number of functioning such as password reset, encryption, hashing, CSRF protection and much more.

Unit Testing

One pro point to hire php developers is the effective testing support laravel framework provides. Further, laravel facilitates multiple test runs to prevent unexpected bugs and break down of the web application.


Artisan is another built-in command line tool that simplifies developer’s work by automating tedious and repetitive tasks including creation of database structure, skeleton code and creation of own commands helping custom software development solutions in a number of ways.


Besides, laravel framework provides inbuilt authentication model allowing developers to save time on writing separate codes for authentication system in a website or application. Laravel 5 update has made authentication work even simpler.

Reverse Routing

One of the reasons to hire laravel developers is the convenience it provides through reverse routing. Reverse routing facilitates creation of uniform resource identifiers immediately with the creation of links.

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