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WIX is a cloud-based website builder that allows users to build HTML websites through drag and drop design and straight forward user experience. The difference with Wix is that the program is not open source, so the only plugins for the platform have been made by the development team associated with Wix.

If anyone  use Wix, and they find that they want a particular plugin that the Wix development team hasn’t yet made, they  have to wait until the developers decide to create the plugin that you need. Overall, Wix is considered less complex to use and is friendlier to non-developers. However, because Wix isn’t open source and can’t be modified by programmers, it also offers fewer options for customization. One of the reasons novice website builders use Wix is because you can just drag various elements onto the page. Wix is different in that regard in that there isn’t a community of dedicated users out there helping people. Instead, Wix employs a support team who conducts troubleshooting and customer service in a more traditional manner. If you use Wix, the internal development team tends to maintain all the add-ons in the platform’s library, so updating is usually simpler and less likely to result in a broken page or a problem with the website’s coding. However, Wix doesn’t offer nearly the number of add-ons that WordPress users get, so it’s another tradeoff you have to consider when you choose one or the other. It includes some advantages plus non-advantages too:: Wix offers more than 510 professional design templates to choose from. You can just swap your contents into the templates and select your desired layout.  Wix constantly introduces innovative features (video backgrounds, parallax designs and sliders) to their drag & drop tool to give you code-free and hassle-free experience. They have help/support button throughout their page to help you if you get stuck with any element of the website.Some Dis-advantages are:: Although Wix provides you multiple templates but once you have selected one theme, it’s difficult to swap themes without re-inserting content, which is a major con for Wix. Wix includes advertisements on the page whenever you hit the publish button. Advertisement credit goes to the service provider of the website builder. These can be removed only when you upgrade to their premium package. Wix’s toolkit for online store management is not advanced and cannot be scalable to Enterprise level business.



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