Node.js  is a open source cross-platform runtime environment has been written in JavaScript, which makes it an exceptional choice for real-time applications. Node.js is packed with features which have helped it become a top choice for developers when they consider web application development. Node.js is event-based so all the wonderful Ajax -like stuff can be done on the server side. In Node.js developers are able to write JavaScript both sides i.e server-side and client-side coding  thus, it becomes easy to send and synchronize the data between these two points automatically, helping developers to save time.  Node.js can be used as proxy server if an enterprise lacks its professional proxy infrastructure. Node.js has extraordinary features when it comes to developing real-time applications such as chats and gaming apps.   Node.js makes the running of the coding much faster. Node.js is a packaged compilation of Google’s V8 JavaScript engine, the  platform abstraction layer, and a core library. It is a way to build scalable network programs. It is a consistent solution for developers. Node.js is incredibly simple. It has simplified and streamlined the development process and made programming very accessible to almost everyone. Many  platforms such as PayPal, eBay, LinkedIn, etc. have all been developed using Node.js.

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