Ionic framework

 IONIC  is a great framework for a MVP or an app prototype and is mainly for mobile applications . It allows one to swiftly create a basic version of one’s app. And after that – test it on one’s users. Ionic framework  with plugins is able to handle most common use cases.  The beautiful, open source front-end SDK for developing hybrid mobile apps with HTML5.  Ionic is a breeze to learn & work with, and cross-compiles to iOS and Android  using per-device differentiator classes to theme accordingly. Ionic uses Cordova, which simply spins up one’s system browser to render  app (called Webview). Ionic is a great hybrid framework. Especially Ionic v2. It’s easy to learn and quite fast for a hybrid framework. Ionic uses HTML and CSS to lay out it’s views, so not only will you have all of the power of CSS transitions, SVG animation, and canvas drawing, but you will also feel at home with the DOM. If one need to bootstrap a startup and want to cut development time and costs by leveraging existing skill sets, Ionic is one of the best choices. Ionic creates apps for iOS, Android and Windows. Ionic runs inside a single WebView, with everything on screen rendered via CSS. Ionic’s tooling is built more around the vanilla Cordova workflow. Good things one must know about this framework is:


  • open source
  • good quality, well maintained
  • seems to work well on a good variety of phones and OSes
  • graphically very nice
  • extra services, like for push notifications, graphical editing of apps
  • you can include “angularised” versions of Cordova plugins with ngcordova
  •  less time to build app
  • 1 code base for all platforms
  • Design, Ionic takes care of design and follows platform guidelines, meaning that apps have different look & feel depending on the platform they are running
  • Most apps are going to be actually easier to build with Ionic


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