Cordova Application Development

Cordova Application Development is an excellent path to mobile apps. CORDOVA is a popular mobile application development framework . It extends the features of HTML and JavaScript to work with the device. The software was previously called just “PhoneGap”, then “Apache Callback”. Cordova is good for prototype, or internal business applications that are add-on to business and not part of the core business.


PhoneGap is an excellent solution in a number of situations:
Multiple platforms: Since the front end of the  application is built using web  technologies, a PhoneGap application with  the exact same source code  can be deployed across different platforms.
Access basic native functionality: If the  application requires minimal access to the native APIs such as  camera,  geolocation and contacts PhoneGap allows access to these APIs  with just a  few lines of JavaScript code.
Offline usage: Although the app is built using web  technologies, it can still provide  offline functionality and has access  to the browser’s local cache.


Since the front end of the application is built in JavaScript, it causes a number of limitations.
Data processing: Native languages are much faster than JavaScript for data processing on the device.
Background processing: A large number of  applications rely on background threads to provide a smooth user  experience: calculating the GPS positions in the background, for  example. PhoneGap APIs are built using JavaScript which is not  multi-threaded and hence do not support background processing.
Access advanced native functionality: A number of native APIs are not yet supported by PhoneGap’s APIs.
Complex Business Logic: A number of applications  such as enterprise applications are quite complex. In this scenario it  is simply better to have a certain amount of native code.
Advanced Graphics: Apps that use advanced graphics which can only be accessed using third-party libraries are best done natively.


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