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AdBlock Plus, the ad blocking extension has recently invested an undisclosed amount into flatter, a social startup to begin meaningful monetization of the web sans advertising. The move has been hailed by most quality content providers including large media houses. What happens exactly is that users can subscribe to Flatter Plus, the new offering coupled with AdBlock plus , to experience a completely ad-free internet. This may come as a huge blow to programs like Google Adwords and Google AdSense if the adoption rate for the product explodes.


It has built a business out of helping web users avoid overly annoying ads and other unwanted digital content on the desktop by taking money from companies willing to confirm to its “acceptable ads” manifesto in order to be whitelisted and have their marketing let through the gate. Content ABP can block includes pop-up ads, flashing banners, distracting graphics, ad tracking tech, auto playing video ads injected into articles, malware domains, and — even — the ‘seen’ message on Facebook Consumers’ growing appetite for content-blocking tools is in no doubt. Adblock Plus is just one ad blocker among scores offered as desktop browser extensions.

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