All About LI-FI

LI-FI the revolutionary wireless technology. Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) is a bidirectional, high speed and fully networked wireless communication technology . It is believed that Li-Fi with its 224 gigabits per second leaves Wi-Fi in the dust, Li-Fi’s exclusive use of visible light could halt a mass uptake. Wi-Fi uses radio waves while Li-Fi runs on visible light. It  promises huge speed advantages, as well as more-secure communications and reduced device interference. It is going to take some time for Li-Fi-enabled devices to come to market, and, when they do, it is likely they will work in parallel with Wi-Fi networks to deliver a more rounded and seamless experience.

There is ample room for growing innovation in Li-Fi technology. Like conventional broadband and Wi-Fi, Li-Fi can also function as a bidirectional communication system. By interchanging visible light and infrared light from a photo detector, a mobile device connected to that photo detector can send data back to the light source for uplink. Also, multi-colored RGB (Red/Green/Blue) LED’s at retina size could be engineered to send and receive a wider range of signals than single-colored phosphor-coated white LED’s.










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