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ETL (Extract, Transform and Load)  a process in data warehousing responsible for pulling data out of the source systems and placing it into a data warehouse. It could be as simple as mapping fields between two databases or as complicated as performing mathematical operations on some fields, combining it with other data sources, then loading them into a final location. ETL DEVELOPERS  is expect to analyze the requirement , develop mappings. Few activities are listed below for better understanding :-

– Designing and creating the data warehouse

-All related extraction, transformation and load of data functions in the company, nature may  vary based on the tool being used.

– Test their designs to ensure the system runs smoothly.

– You must be experts at looking a big-picture view of a company’s data situation.

– Data modeling, means one needs to be able to read, analyze and digest what a business wants to accomplish with its data, and design the best possible ETL process around those goals.

– Develops ETL mappings / pipelines for Data Integration to / from sources such as RDBMS / Oracle / MySQL / PostgreSQL / Access) / CRMs / Websites via APIs / Flat files / No SQL DBs / Columnar DBs

– Database Administration,

– ETL Tool Administration (Informatica / Snaplogic),

– Documentation such as Technical Specification Documentation or Functional Specification Documentation

– Creation of Visio Diagrams for Process Flow.

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